Check the theme and how to participate in the 8th edition of Cartola

The Fashion has always worshiped youth as a synonymous of a young age, facing scars, wrinkles and other marks as enemies of beauty. But it is possible to have a young spirit at 30, 50, 100 years old... Because youth is not synonymous of age, but attitude and freedom. That's what we want for the next issue.
Keywords: youth; attitude; age; time; memory; freedom; senior; urban; subculture; glam; punk anti-fashion;


For our eighth edition we want to see exclusive photographs, arts and poems with narratives about "young".
Deadline for submissions: May 6, 2019.
Launch: May.
E-mail to send:


- Only exclusive materials;
- In the email, use "Cartola 8" as the subject;
- For photos or videos larger than the attachment of the email, please send via WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google Drive.
- Format for images: .jpg, 300dpi, at least 2500px wide;
- Include title of material and team credits, along with their respective Instagram @;
- If you need credit insertion of the looks, please send in .PDF.
- Send a short description of the material in question;
- The sending of the material does not guarantee publication in the magazine, but the analysis by our team.
- By submitting, you declare to be aware of our policy.

The materials will be analyzed and selected according to criteria of creativity, suitability to the theme and the journal. The material must be unique, without publications in other vehicles or social networks.


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